About Erudition Point

Erudition point is an initiative by the graduates from IITs, NITs and premier Medical  Colleges to enhance the level of quality education in the society with a vision that no student gets deprived of good education because of substandard socio-economic status. Erudition point is at your doorstep that is easily affordable. With lakhs of students aiming to clear engineering and medical entrance examinations, we have long felt the urge to mentor students in acing these exams. Born with a vision of “enabling a person to achieve his dream of clearing these exams”, we assure you to mentor in the smartest way possible while emphasizing there’s no substitute for hard work. Starting at Supaul, with an aim to reach the remotest corners of Bihar, with brightest minds on board who value teaching, who know the importance of education in one’s life, assure you to make a difference in the guidance provided to ace in these exams.


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New Engg.  Desire Batch starting from April  2019

New Engg. Booster Batch starting from April  2019

New Engg. Rectifier Batch starting from April  2019

New Medical Desire Batch starting from April  2019

New Medical Booster Batch starting from April 2019

New Medical Rectifier Batch starting from April 2019

ज्ञानवानेन सुखवान् ज्ञानवानेव जीवति |

ज्ञानवानेव बलवान् तस्मात् ज्ञानमयो भव ||

coaching in supaul


Erudition Point offers regular &
summer vacation courses for following exams.


JEE (Main + Advance)

Desire (2 Years Course)
  for X to XI moving students

Booster (1 Year Course)

for XI to XII moving students

Rectifier (1 Year Course)

for XII Passed Students




Desire (2 Years Course)
  for X to XI moving students

Booster (1 Year Course)

for XI to XII moving students

Rectifier (1 Year Course)

for XII Passed Students


Other Courses


Nurture  (1 Year Course)
for IX and X appearing students

Orbit 11    (1 Year Course)
for X to XI moving students

Orbit 12    (1 Year Course)
for XI to XII moving students

Summer course (2 Months)
for IX,X,XI and XII appearing students

Meet Our Faculty

The core team at Erudition Point has a perfect blend of diligent
IITians, NITians and Doctors who will guide you to make your dreams come true.

Mukesh Anand

Mukesh Anand

Founder, Chief Managing Director, Physics & Maths Faculty
B.E BIT Mesra & M.Tech NIT Patna (Pursuing)

Ramesh Anand

Founder, Chief Executive Director, Chemistry & Maths Faculty
B.Tech IIT Kanpur

A. K Mahaseth

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Physics Faculty
M.Tech IIT Delhi

Pankaj Kumar

Physics Faculty
B.Tech IIT Kharagpur
amit ayush

Amit Ayush

Maths & Physics Faculty
B.Tech NIT Patna

Sanjeev Kumar

Inorganic Chemistry Faculty
B.E RGPV Bhopal

Pramod Kumar

Biology Faculty
Pursuing MBBS GMC Bettiah


Biology Faculty
NEET Qualified
AK singh

A.K Singh

Chemistry Faculty
M.Sc Chemistry, Patna university
anurag aryan


Biology Faculty
BDS, KLE University

Praveen Kumar

Biology Faculty

Our Guest Faculty

Achyutanand Kumar

Physics & Maths Faculty
B.Tech NIT Surathkal (Gold Medalist)
sumit saurabh faculty

Sumit Saurabh

Physics Faculty
B.Tech IIT Dhanbad


Maths Faculty
B.Tech IIT Kanpur

Tapeshwar Kumar

Physics & Phy. Chemistry Faculty
Pursuing MBBS AIIMS Delhi

Mukesh KUMAR

Chemistry Faculty
B.Tech NIT Rourkela & Ex-Faculty at Concept Educations, Guwahati

Dr. Sujeet KUMAR

Biology Faculty
MBBS VIMS,Pawapuri

Anil KUMAR Yadav

Biology Faculty
Pursuing MBBS R. G. Kar Medical College and Hospital

Laloo Kumar Yadav

Chemistry Faculty
B.Tech NIT Rourkela

Rajesh Roshan

Physics Faculty
B.Tech NIT Raipur

Sanjeet Kumar

Maths Faculty

Dr. Manoj Kumar

Biology Faculty
B.Vsc & A.H BVC Patna

Alok Kumar

Physics Faculty


Read what people say about us…

  • Hello Folks

    It has come with great pleasure to know that this smart and strong team has decided to guide students from our underdeveloped region.I want to mention senior especially Ramesh Bhaiya (IITK)  who was roommate beside my batchmate Dr. Sujeet kumar(MBBS) during our Navodaya days (JNV Supaul). Ramesh Bhaiya has grasp over the subject matter.He can’t make  the student cram the subject without understanding it.His presence in this team makes extra-charismatic.Best of luck to all students,parents & the team for future endeavors. Thanks.

    Tapeshwar Kumar

    Pursuing MBBS- AIIMS Delhi
  • During my JNV life Ramesh Bhaiya was my roommate and he was always there to help me. I will really appreciate his way of teaching and I was lucky to have such a great mind in my room who taught me and because of him I started loving Physics & Chemistry and during my school days I cracked Fortunate -40 organised by FIIT JEE & ANTHE  organised by Aakash. And even during medical preparation I was always under his guidance. Heartiest thanks to him for his contribution in my life.

    sujeet kumar faculty

    Dr. Sujeet Kumar

    MBBS VIMS, Pawapuri
  • Ramesh bhaiya has inspired me a lot in my studies and because of him I am at a good place now.He was always there during my Navodaya days and constantly giving me advice on how to manage between study and social life. His guidance made me to perform the best and his caring nature just like a big brother made homely atmosphere at Navodaya which helped me to excel in my field of work. Thanks a lot to him for his continuous support and care.

    Anil Kumar Yadav

    Pursuing MBBS R. G. Kar Medical College and Hospital
  • Mr Ramesh Anand is a very good teacher . He teaches us so well that we are able to understand any topic in a very simple manner.He can teach even a very dull student in such a manner that he could be able to learn easily.

    Ankit Anand

    Top Performer- JNV Supaul
  • Dear Friends

    From the beginning of my study I treated Chemistry and Physics as very hard subject and thinking about them was just equal to thinking about nightmare. The fear of these subjects were removed when I got a chance to have interference with Master Ramesh Anand,who changed my concept, method of understanding and points of references about these very particular subjects. I am heartily very grateful to him.

    Alok Anand

    Topper - JNV Supaul

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